Northern pike fishing in Canada

Northern pike fishing periods in 2018 :

  • From May 18th. to October 15th 2018

Fishing package :
Including : boat, motor and gas, fishing rights for trout, walleye and pike
  • Night (2 nights minimum) :
    • European plan n nights : 225 $ CDN + taxes
    • Additional nights : 90 $ CDN + taxes

  • Week (7 nights) : 550$
    • 6 people or more : -10%

  • Monday to Thursday : -10%
    • American plan available
    • Taxes not included
    Deposit on reservation : 100$

Class: FISH
FamilY: ESOX

Physical description
Northerns are long-lived, with some fish in the far North reaching
ages of 25 years. Females grow faster and live longer than males.
In the southern portion of their range pike will attain size faster
(2 feet in length at the age of 3) but never reach the monster
proportions of their northern counterparts due to a shorter
life span (6 years). A 25 year old pike living at more northern
latitudes will stretch to 45 inches and weigh in at 24 pounds.

Status in Quebec
The Northern Pike is very abundant in Quebec.

The Northern Pike is a relatively easy gamefish to catch due to
its predatory habits of resting in warm shallow waters or dense
vegetation areas of lakes and rivers.

Northern Pike eat what they find. Fish dominate their diet, but crayfish,
frogs, mice, muskrat, ducklings, and occasionally off-guard fishermen
are also consumed... Generally, northern pike prefer one large
entree as opposed to several smaller courses.

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