Walleye fishing outfitter in Canada

Walleye fishing periods in 2018 :

  • From May 18th to October 15th 2018

Fishing package :
Including : boat, motor and gas, fishing rights for trout, walleye and pike
  • Night (2 nights minimum) :
    • European plan 2 nights : 225 $ CDN + taxes
    • Additional nights : 90 $ CDN + taxes

  • Week (7 nights) : 550$
    • 6 people or more : -10%

  • Monday to Thursday : -10%
    • American plan available
    • Taxes not included
    Deposit on reservation : 100$

Class: FISH

Physical description
Strong fighters, walleyes stay deep and wage a determined battle.
Because of their light-sensitive eyes, they bite best around dusk and
dawn, at night, or in cloudy weather. Popular baits and lures include
minnows, nightcrawlers, leeches, jigs, spinners, and plugs, especially
minnow plugs. Walleyes have been known to live as long as 26 years.
Females typically grow much larger than males.

Status in Quebec
The Walleye is very abundant in Quebec's western
reservoirs and rivers.

Most numerous in large, windswept natural lakes of moderate to
low clarity. They can also be found in smaller lakes, reservoirs,
rivers and streams with moderate current. Walleyes prefer clean,
hard bottoms and water temperature from 65 to 75 degrees F.

Primarily fish eaters, walleyes also feed on immature and adult
aquatic insects, leeches, crayfish, snails, and larval salamanders.
Except in waters of low clarity, they feed most heavily in dim-light
periods, especially when light levels are fading rapidly.

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