Black bear hunting outfitter in Canada

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One of the top black bear hunting territories with a kill rate of 80%.

Black bear hunting periods in 2018 :
  • Firearms, bow, crossbow : from May 15th to June 30th

Black bear and fishing package:
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Class: MammAL
FamilY: UrsidAE

Physical description
American black bears have a short neck, small head, and a cone-
shaped mussel. They have a heavy body, short tail, rounded ears,
and plantigrade feet. In general, adult black bears range from 89 to
102 centimetres (35 to 40 inches) tall when on all fours and have a
length of 140 to 180 centimetres (4 1/2 to 6 feet). The weight of a black
bear, which is highly variable, ranges from 57 to 272 kilograms (125 to
600 pounds) with males on average about a third larger than females.
They reach their maximum weight in autumn. The fur colour of the black
bear is often, in fact, black but colour phases can also include light
brown, dark brown, cinnamon, beige. They are much quicker than their
appearance would suggest The life span of black bears in the wild
can be twenty-five years or more.

Status in Quebec
The black bear population has not changed much over the years.
Its population is estimated at around 60 000.

Its range extends from the northern tree limit of the Arctic far to
the south through most of Canada and the United States. The only
habitat from which is excluded are those areas where heavy
de-forestation has occurred.

Eating virtually anything edible, their diet consists of vegetable
matter including, berries, flowers, grasse and sedge, herbs, tuber
and roots, and nuts of all kinds. For the remaining portion of their
diet, animal matter such as decaying animal carcasses, fish, small
marine animals, ants and other insects, honey, elk and moose
calves and a variety of other small mammals.