Grouse hunting outfitter in Canada

Hunting Grouse is done on a territory more than 1000 km2 (Zec Petawaga).

Grouse hunting periods in 2018 :

  • Firearms, bow, crossbow : from September 8th to January 15th 2019
  • 2 nights 130$
  • 3 nights special 150$
  • American plan available
  • Taxes not included
Deposit on reservation : 50$

Class: BIRD

Physical description
Grouses range in size from 40,5 to 48 centimetres long. It has tufts of
feathers on the top of its head. The common colour in the plumage
are brown, grey, and red, with touches of purple and dark green
in some species. Generally the colours of the male birds
are more pronounced.

Status in Quebec
The grouse is quite common to all southern part of the province.
It does not migrate.

The grouse lives in wooden region all across Canada, generaly
in leafy and mixt forests, preferring grooves, creeks.

They eat seeds, fruits, and insects, mushrooms, and poplar buds.
The young prefer insects and larvae. In winter, its feed on birch
and poplar buds and some seeds.

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