Hare hunting outfitter in Canada

Hare hunting is done on a territory more than 1000 km2. (Zec Petawaga)

Hare hunting periods in 2018 :
  • Firearms, bow, crossbow : from September 8th to January 15th 2019

  • 2 nights 130$
  • special 3 nights 150$ per person
  • American plan available
  • Taxes not included
Deposit on reservation : 50$


Physical description
The hare is small and very fast. Its fur colour ranges greatly,
from a reddish brown in the summer time, to a snow white in winter.
Its paws are specially designed to run and slide on snow.

Status in Quebec
The hare is abundant in all regions.

The hare usually lives in tree stumps or holes in the ground.
It seldom goes beyond 1 or 2 kilometers from its nest.

The hare can eat virtually any edible plant. Its main diet consists
of clover, grass and leaves, and poplar and birch bark.

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