Moose hunting outfitter in Canada

One of the best moose hunting territories in Canada.

Moose hunting periods in 2018 (buck, female and calf) :

  • Firearms : from October 6th to October 14th
  • Bow and crossbow : from September 29th to October 7th

Moose hunting package :
(Including : 9 nights, boat, prepared site on 10 km2 exclusive territory per group)
  • European plan : Territory for 4 hunters 2300 $ CDN + taxes
  • Additional hunter : 395$
  • American plan available
  • Taxes not included
Deposit on reservation : 200$


Physical description
The moose is one of our biggest mammals. Its size is comparable to that
of a horse. Males are usually 2,4 to 2,9 meters long tall, and 1,69 to
1,92 meters tall at the shoulders. Females are generally a bit smaller
than males. The fur colour of the moose ranges from
light brown to black. It has a characteristic lump
of flesh hanging from the neck.

Status in Quebec
The moose population has been extensively studied and analysed.
It is heavily monitored and therefore plentiful. Before the autumn
hunting season (according to 1994 statistics), it's population in
Quebec is approximately 64 000, with about 10 000 moose living
in natural and wildlife reserves.


During the summer, their diet consists of vegetable matter,
with a preference for aquatic plants. During the winter, moose
eat mainly fibrous bark, such as willow, poplar, and birch,
found in wooded regions.

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